Thursday, December 23, 2010

Return To Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Summary: In Leaving Paradise Caleb Becker returns to his hometown after being in Juvenile Detention for a hit and run. Caleb hit his neighbor Maggie after a night of partying…or so he allows the police to believe. After serving his time Caleb returns to find that his girlfriend is sleeping with his friend, his family has utterly fallen apart and he is inconveniently attracted to Maggie, the girl he purportedly hit with his car.

Maggie has been dealing with surgery and recuperation during this time, and is struggling with the fact that she will forever walk with a limp. But, through the help of a mutual friend and fate Maggie comes to forgive Caleb and return his feelings.

At the conclusion of Leaving Paradise (warning, spoiler alert) Caleb leaves town having convinced himself that everyone’s lives would be better without him. And, with the secrets and lies about what really happened the night of the accident festering between them Maggie is left on her own to endure Caleb’s abandonment.
Return to Paradise picks up 8 months later, when Caleb finds himself in jail for yet another crime he didn’t commit, and fate once again puts him and Maggie together. As the two teens spend the summer in close quarters they are unable to deny the feelings they still have for each other…and as the drama heats up Caleb must decide whether his secrets are really worth keeping after all.

My Thoughts: I loved the continuation of what might happen when they meet. It must be fate, but eight months has been a really long time to try and move on. I loved that Maggie got a new confident persona ever since Celeb left her. Things have changed, but the connection between the two has always drawn me in to reading this book. I love that Simone Elkeles does the alternating view points like her other books i've read from her like Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction, and Leaving Paradise. 

Overall: This is a must read if you read the sequel which is Leaving Paradise. This book Return to Paradise will answer all the unanswered points in the first book. I have to say I love this one because it made me feel for both Maggie and Celeb. 

Cover: Okay the cover is adorable right? I loved it!! It so matches the point of this book that romance is in the air

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